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Hi! We are the Steuer family. Welcome to our blog.   The Lord has given our family the very clear call to move to Belize and minister to the people there. This is all new territory for us. So, join us as we embark on the journey of a lifetime…passport required!


After a  mission trip to Belize in September 2014, Nate felt that God was calling he and his family to serve the Belizean people.  He planned another trip to Belize in February 2015  so that his wife Sheila could see if  this was where God was calling them.   This week in Belize was very fruitful. God worked in amazing ways and the move Belize was confirmed to everyone on this trip.

Reaching the lost with the Gospel message is Nate’s heartbeat.  (Read Nate’s testimony here.)  He will be faithfully working alongside fellow Christians and witnessing  in efforts to reach the people of Belize with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The Steuer family will be working specifically with the Belize Training Center in Punta Gorda. They will reach the lost and train and disciple them to in turn go back into their native speaking communities and plant churches to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They will also be working with Toledo Radio 99.9 FM Southern Gospel Radio Station to reach many with the Gospel over the airwaves. Nate will be taking every opportunity to reach the Belizeans in the local villages by preaching, sharing and tract distribution…that the Lord would call His sheep and they would follow Him!

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